In high school I know there's a prom, but can a freshman be asked to the prom?

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  • In high school I know there's a prom, but can a freshman be asked to the prom?


Answer #1 | 29/09 2013 13:59
A freshman can be asked to prom but it doesn't happen very often. And of course it would be weird if they were asked by someone they didn't know. It happens but it's still weird. But it'd possible for a freshman and junior/senior to be friends to the point where they can go to prom together. I had a friend who when we were freshman got asked to prom by a senior guy friend of hers and they had a great time at prom
Answer #2 | 29/09 2013 14:15
Yes they can, and yes it's weird. If it was my daughter, I would wonder what the males intentions were. Generally when you are older that gap isn't that big of a difference, but when you are that young it is. In all honesty I would say no she could not go, not unless it was a good childhood friend, which in that instance I would insist on dropping her off and picking her up.
Answer #3 | 29/09 2013 14:02
It depends on the rules for prom at your school. Ask someone.
Answer #4 | 29/09 2013 14:16
yes it can happen. But it's not very common
Answer #5 | 29/09 2013 14:42
freshman can be asked out but it depends on your school. some schools only make acceptions for sophmores. and yes it would be weird if a freshman got asked out by a senior/junior they didn't know. i know someone that had that happen to them lol it was akward.
Answer #6 | 29/09 2013 17:15
What are you even saying? Homecoming is for everyone and if a freshmen gets asked out by a senior then it's fine.
Answer #7 | 29/09 2013 15:03
some schools allow them but some don't. usually its not in the power of the principle, its usually the seniors that decide because they like to feel superior to the young ones. It wouldn't be weird at all to ask a senior or junior to prom, and it shouldnt be based on your peers opinions, only yours!

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