im so lonely and its becoming unbearable.?

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  • im so lonely and its becoming unbearable.?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 05:56
Don't be so down! It's hard being lonesome. But that's why you need to go out and meet new people that will befriend you. I was stuck in a situation once where I didn't have any close friends, apart from one, but she was really busy between her job and family that she had no time for me...and I didn't really have the time to see her either. But then my best friend came along out of the blue. Just keep trying to find more friends because you WILL succeed. Life has a way of surprising you. You WILL find a person to be great friends with. And honestly, you don't need a whole bunch if you don't want it. I am content with two awesome close friends, one that I hang out with practically every week (no joke) and the other that I rarely get to spend time with. At least for now you have your boyfriend. You aren't completely alone- you've got him, your family. You have a whole bunch of people who care about you. Don't let these so-called "friends" beat you:)
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