If your male friend "Came Out" by saying they're Transgender, what would you do?

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  • If your male friend "Came Out" by saying they're Transgender, what would you do?


Answer #1 | 02/01 2014 11:20
listen, the only thing you can do is be supportive and understand
Answer #2 | 02/01 2014 11:21
Accept him the way he is, that's what good friends do!
Answer #3 | 02/01 2014 11:20
You accept who they are and be there for them. Its not easy for them to come out in the open. Theyll have plenty of people who will judge and be rude so just let them know you're supporting them
Answer #4 | 02/01 2014 11:22
Well he obviously trusts you enough to tell you such a thing.. So I'd probably just accept the fact hes different and treat him the same way as I did before i knew.. Its not like its his fault
Answer #5 | 02/01 2014 11:27
Nothing, it's their life and their business, I wouldn't judge. I would ask questions if they wouldnt mind. But not to integrate them. I would just accept them the way they are!
Answer #6 | 03/01 2014 09:35
I would support her no matter what, friends are friends for a good reasons. And I said her because she was a he at first then chances are he wants to go by her now! And have probably felt like a her for quite a long time, but just didn't tell anyone.
Answer #7 | 02/01 2014 11:47
I wouldn't care, I'd be surprised but I'd be happy for them that they would be coming out and probably say something along the lines of "Well man, you can't help who you are" or "It's good that you're proud of who you are." I'd be proud of them and I'd be beside them, helping them through it all every step of the way.
Answer #8 | 02/01 2014 11:31
I'd ask how I could help to make them feel more comfortable. Example if male to female I'd offer to share cloths with them or take them shopping. Do what you can to make them feel comfortable and excepted. It's hard enough trying to come to terms with it on their own alot of times. This person trusted you enough to come out and that should be taken as an honor.

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