If you've ever been suspended: how/why?

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  • If you've ever been suspended: how/why?


Answer #1 | 17/05 2010 21:48
my account was "deactivated" apparently its different then suspended, bc it got rid of the email too i asked 3 times why & they wouldnt give me an answer. so i dont know maybe it was my violations piling up, but those were only like violations of "q & a format" but i probably had like 500 of them at least
Answer #2 | 17/05 2010 21:52
nope! but i've had a high level account that i stopped using.. you know the story. dude, FS, Y!A and IM and homework at the same time is hard.
Answer #3 | 17/05 2010 22:09
Yea possession
Answer #4 | 17/05 2010 22:30
from school -- fighting at school 3 day off --at work 3 days off without pay (4) to many tardys

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