If you had to move where would you like to move to?

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  • If you had to move where would you like to move to?


Answer #1 | 16/09 2011 12:52
Answer #2 | 16/09 2011 12:57
Tuscany in Italy or New Zeland
Answer #3 | 16/09 2011 12:53
I would like to live in Napa, California. If I had to move I would move there, but now a days the best place to live in is Iowa. If you think about all the hurricanes and such happening in the coastal areas, i would rather not live near an ocean!
Answer #4 | 16/09 2011 13:22
Stuttgart, Germany!!! :-) \\//
Answer #5 | 18/09 2011 21:10
Not anywhere specifically just somewhere that is safe, has a nice environment, and with neighbors that are friendly.
Answer #6 | 16/09 2011 13:11
I've moved around several times and have enjoyed all of the places. Currently , my home and work is in northern Italy, but still have my home in Colorado. In my experience, there are interesting things to see and do and good people just about anywhere you go. I would be happy living anywhere as long as there was a job and the ability to support myself. The Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland ... there are lots of great possibilities. The issue would, of course, being able to legally move there. I'd be happy to go back to my home in Colorado too.
Answer #7 | 22/09 2011 20:56
Japan. I lived there once and wish I'd never left. Great country.

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