if you fall off a chair. can you die?

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  • if you fall off a chair. can you die?


Answer #1 | 18/09 2006 14:04
depends on how you fall face forward or backwards and what you hit.
Answer #2 | 18/09 2006 14:08
If you hit your head you could !
Answer #3 | 18/09 2006 14:08
it depends which way you fall and where you hit your head
Answer #4 | 18/09 2006 14:07
Well, if it's an electric chair that we're talking about, the chances are you're probably dead already!!!!!
Answer #5 | 18/09 2006 14:06
If ya land wrong ! When it's your time ..It's your time... Or maybe a FREAK accident...Only God knows when & how....Peace....Thanks
Answer #6 | 18/09 2006 14:04
maybe if you hit your head off something...
Answer #7 | 18/09 2006 14:05
well if you hemmorage in your head because of hitting something thats on the ground, it would have to be just right and Im sure you could break your neck, again depending on how you fall.
Answer #8 | 18/09 2006 14:09
m ust be one tall chair to fall off and die from
Answer #9 | 18/09 2006 14:11
I guess so....If you fall on something sharp, or snap your neck when you hit the floor
Answer #10 | 19/09 2006 17:27
yes! fear the chair!
Answer #11 | 20/09 2006 18:04
if the chair was in the sky .... it is possible
Answer #12 | 18/09 2006 16:45
No way I have fallen at least 45 times and I'm 20 yrs old. Its every time i get intimate that I fall backwards foward once i fractured mr. royal.
Answer #13 | 18/09 2006 14:31
Definitely a possibility, although it is pretty unlikely. It generally depends on how far you are from ground and where the point of impact is. Generally speaking dead will be the result of head trauma. Also, it depends on what's on the ground, the chance is higher if there are different sharp objects on the ground or the ground is a very solid surface.
Answer #14 | 18/09 2006 14:12
It depends how tall & how high the chair is, plus if you hit your head or fall on your side. Most probably you'll injure your body, but you shouldn't die.
Answer #15 | 18/09 2006 14:24
YOU can when you hit a sharp object and your head deflates

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