If you could have whatever signature guitar what would it be?

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  • If you could have whatever signature guitar what would it be?


Answer #1 | 07/05 2009 14:20
Answer #2 | 07/05 2009 14:26
I used to want one like Alexi Laiho until they actually came out with ESP Laihos...who am I kidding? I still want one. Have you seen how that offset V shape is cut at the upper register of the fretboard conversely, as Zakk Wylde's biggest fan on here, I would NOT want his, simply because I hate Les Pauls. Now, I would take his SG-V model, but those were extremely limited run editions Kirk Hammett's Ouija guitar is back on the market again, but for $10,000?
Answer #3 | 07/05 2009 14:24
Gene Simmons Axe Guitar
Answer #4 | 07/05 2009 14:22
I HAVE a signature guitar- literally I had Leo Fender sign my Strat in 1979 when he stilled owned it. How cool is that??
Answer #5 | 07/05 2009 14:21
Answer #6 | 07/05 2009 14:21
the Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster sounds pretty cool even though I don't really like him. And it's $12,000.
Answer #7 | 07/05 2009 14:31
I would love a real replica David Gilmour #0001 Strat. I built my own replica out of a Mexican Strat last fall and I love it, but I really want an authorized replica.
Answer #8 | 07/05 2009 17:16
Either the David Gilmour Signature Strat or the Jeff Beck Signature Strat.
Answer #9 | 07/05 2009 14:56
Good choices, I would want The Jimmy Page Les Paul, or one that he played or something, that'd just be sweet.
Answer #10 | 08/05 2009 06:15
DIME's original DEAN ML "DIMEBOLT" guitar . The ACTUAL guitar with the snapped head stock and all , it was retired after it could not be fixed anymore. It's not playable anymore but... I've had my eye on the RR1 USA Flying V..white with gold hardware .Sweet axe !! Have you seen some of the price tags on some of these "signature" series guitars?Paul Stanleys "Black Diamond" wasn't listed but it's in the "rediculous" price range also. Here's just a few that I know about ... EVH "Frankenstrat" $25,000 Malmsteen "worn" Fender Strat- $12,500 SRV "Lenny"- $14,000 Kirk Hammet "ouija"-$9,000 Jeff Beck 54 "oxblood"Gibson Les Paul (signed&played by Jeff) -$25,000 YIKES !!
Answer #11 | 08/05 2009 13:43
The David Gilmour Signature Strat.
Answer #12 | 08/05 2009 06:28
easy...the Gibson EDS 1275 (SG Doubleneck used by Jimmy Page) honorable mentions: Lucille-B.B. King's Gibson Brian May's-"Red Special"
Answer #13 | 07/05 2009 17:29
My rocker husband has an Eric Clapton signature Fender strat guitar and it's one he's always wanted.
Answer #14 | 07/05 2009 21:21
that's tough but honestly i would have either a 68' RI american strat with 69' custom shop pick ups with a rosewood neck, or a Manson M1D1 check it out there imposable to get from them you can buy the parts and all that and put it together but to get it from manson its not possible i already looked into it but yeah those are what i would get!

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