If it's so cheap to maintain a dog why do some people say that they can't afford it?

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  • If it's so cheap to maintain a dog why do some people say that they can't afford it?


Answer #1 | 23/04 2017 06:53
Puppy's aren't cheap when they eat your couch or your curtains. when you take a dog to the vet thats never cheap I'm sure the vet checks out what car you arrive in and ups the bill if you have a decent car
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Answer #2 | 23/04 2017 11:44
I don't know what gave you the idea that dogs are cheap. Dogs are not cheap, if properly provided for, including vet care and everything else they need, to be healthy and happy. You have to make sure you are financially prepared, before you take responsibility for owning a dog.
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Answer #3 | 23/04 2017 11:57
Probably if I changed my breed I'd find things a little cheaper as everything is expensive with a large breed but NO DOG is cheap and especially when you consider some of the insurance and / or vet bills.
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Answer #4 | 23/04 2017 12:59
Cheap? Uh, lol, no, it's not. My turtles after the proper tanks and filters were bought- those were easy price wise to maintain. My yorkie girl? No.
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Answer #5 | 23/04 2017 13:24
Who says it's 'cheap' to maintain a dog because that's false!! The buy-in price is just the start too. If you buy well, from a reputable breeder, you 'may' find the life-time upkeep costs in terms of vet bills, are low. But then there's housing, food, any professional grooming needed etc.etc.
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Answer #6 | 23/04 2017 08:42
As with everything, I guess it depends what you call cheap. What's cheap for someone making $50,000 or more a year is not cheap for someone making $20,000 or less. Basic routine animal care can be fairly cheap, but once in a while you may run into a large vet bill that you just can't handle if you can't manage to pay a couple of thousand dollars even if you can put it on a credit card and pay a couple of hundred a month for a year and just hope nothing else comes up before you pay that off.
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Answer #7 | 23/04 2017 06:49
Cheap by what standards? My daughter has two Goldens and their food, vet, grooming bills can run into the hundreds of dollars..her husband makes six figures a year so they can afford it but he ordinary working stiff who would love to have a pet and take proper care of it would be s--t out of luck. So would the animal
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Answer #12 | 24/04 2017 18:40
Dogs aren't cheap at all. My dog (60 pounds): Food about $50 every month ($600 a year) Heartworm prevention ($100/year) Flea/tick prevention ($200/year) Annual vet visits ($100-300 if there is nothing wrong) Home pet sitter for our vacation ($100 for the week) Easily I'm spending around $1100-1300 per year and that is only if nothing unexpected comes up. He has short hair and a light coat so I do not need to have him groomed. If you have to ever kennel your dog you'll pay a lot more. Grooming is definitly required for some breeds. Some breeds also are very prone to health problems. Boxers are predisposed to cardiomyopathy, bulldogs have respiratory and skin problems, cavalier king charles spaniels almost always develop mitral valve disease, dachshunds have back problems. You could be investing in treatments and medications from very early on.
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Answer #13 | 23/04 2017 10:58
Who says it`s cheap? I don`t consider maintaining a dog is "cheap". Not if its properly cared for.
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Answer #14 | 23/04 2017 06:59
Collars, leashes, liscense, vet bills normal maintenance, vet bills for emergencies, fencing, training, grooming, waste clean up, dog walkers, dog sitters, dog toys, treats, special diets, special needs such as wheel chair dogs, John dogs, elder dogs, dental care.... there are many things that could cost a lot of money if the owner is too lazy to do it themselves or don't have the skills or knowledge to do it. Aside from major injuries or illnesses we pretty much treat all the minor things at home with direction from our vet via phone. I have some medical training which goes a long way for small cuts and injuries, major deep things, breaks etc still go to the vet but with 6 dogs we average $2500.00 year saving on shots, deworming, and minor first aid that many people can't usually do themselves. As for grooming, I was a professional groomer for 8 years so I don't take my dogs to someone, we clean up our own pet waste and are home to care for and exerceise and train out dogs. The first dog I paid for classes to kearn how to teach my pup but have been training my own since. There are corset that go in with dog expenses but for the average working person, normally just keeping the dog and feeding it are not that costly, it's everything all together that adds up.
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Answer #15 | 23/04 2017 07:11
A dog is NOT a cheap pet, nobody who knows what they are talking about would say that!
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Answer #16 | 23/04 2017 07:17
while maintaining a dog is relatively cheap (assuming you're only factoring expendables into this like food, water, and treats), many people can't afford them because of unexpected expenses. this can be things like money for flea medicine, a new leash or collar because the old one broke, shots and vaccines, and vet visits should an accident occur. it's pretty irresponsible to get a pet if you cannot afford a vet bill if the animal gets sick or injured. pet insurance can help with this, and there are low cost vets, but most people don't have a couple hundred dollars they can save just in case.
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Answer #17 | 23/04 2017 19:38
Don't know where you acquired your info, dogs are not cheap, nor are they a necessity, they're a luxury.
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Answer #18 | 23/04 2017 16:21
cheep ??? there is nothing cheep about owning a dog care is $900 to $1400 in the first year alone ...$300 of that in the first month food bedding toys treats and a crate all cost money , so add another $300 in the first week ..... the list a long and costly list goes on and on and on ...........
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Answer #19 | 23/04 2017 22:42
It depends what kind of breed you get and how big they are. Full breeds tend to be more expensive but they're worth the money if you plan on selling full bred litter. I have a full breed apple head chihuahua for 500$. Beds cost around 20-80$ depending on where you live. Dog food and treats are the main money waster, if you do end up buying a dog give it a mix of dry and wet dog food as well as some treats. Taking them for walks is very simple, I take my dog for a walk every 2 hours or so which is how long they can actually hold their bladder. Food does spend a lot of money and Vet care can be very expensive as well as taking a dog across the country. They're things you need to plan before actually looking for a breed as some dogs in a year can cost a total of 3,000 dollars a year (what i pay) for all their basic needs.
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Answer #20 | 24/04 2017 00:15
Dogs are not cheap. Esp English bulldogs when they get sick.
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Answer #21 | 24/04 2017 02:12
Dogs are not cheap! You have vet bills, leashes, collars, toys, food and water dishes, beds, treats, nail clippers, flea medicine, shampoo, and much more!
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Answer #22 | 24/04 2017 04:03
It is not cheap to maintain a dog. Vaccinations, proper food, toys, bed, crate, daycare or boarding, grooming, spay/neuter, flea prevention, heartworm prevention, dental cleanings --- and on and on. If someone believes they cannot afford a pet, they are probably right.
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