If I watch Grey's Anatomy, do I have to watch Private Practice?

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  • If I watch Grey's Anatomy, do I have to watch Private Practice?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 07:49
No you don't have to watch Private Practice to understand Grey's Anatomy, not at all, so don't worry about that.
Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 17:17
You don't have to watch it. They are 2 separate shows. There are a few episodes where it is based off of private practice, which in my opinion was the stupidest thing ever. You may get confused during those few episodes but it doesn't have anything to do with the future seasons.
Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 22:58
No. Private Practice is the spin off from Grey's, it started after Grey's 3rd season. There are a few crossover episodes but you don't really need to watch both shows to figure out what is happening. They're spread out. The crossovers consist of Addison's brother Archer, being flown to Seattle Grace to be helped. Mark takes his pregnant daughter to see Addison when she becomes high risk A Dr. from PP, ex girlfriend is brought to Seattle Grace so Derek can operate on her Bailey goes to visit Addison when she has to pick up a transplant organ from the hospital she works at. Sorry for spoilers but I just wanted you to know which episodes connect and then you can decide to just watch those shows together.

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