If I order an item from the USA, do I have to pay Canadian taxes?

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  • If I order an item from the USA, do I have to pay Canadian taxes?


Answer #1 | 21/12 2013 11:42
Technically you do. And Amazon will probably transfer the order to to collect it. Or, you'll be charged HST and duty at the border.
Answer #2 | 21/12 2013 12:13
There are no US taxes when ordering online from outside the United States. Canada Customs charges duties on goods imported into Canada -- except gifts under $50 (or so). Standard duties are the GST+PST (or HST) of the province the item is being shipped to -- 13% for Ontario. Alcohol and tobacco have additional duties. Items originally produced in Canada form the US are duty exempt under NAFTA. I've seen customs not bother with items of $70 or $80 or so -- especially around Christmas. However, for an $800 laptop... 13% HST. If you ship via USPS the package will be transferred to Canada Post at the border. Canada Post will fill out the customs forms and prepay the duties on your behalf up to a certain amount. When they deliver it, you pay the duties and $9.95 for handling customs for you. If the duties are too high... Canada Customs will contact you directly and you'll need to pay them via credit card or by visiting a customs center. They will hold the package until the duties are paid. If you ship via a courier company, they'll fill out the customs forms as part of their international shipping service and will prepay the duties up to a certain amount. You'll only own the duties when they deliver the package. If the amount exceeds a certain amount, the courier company will contact you directly and require you to fax/sign a letter allowing them to deal with Canada Customs on your behalf and you'll need to supply a credit card number for the duties. If the package does not include a valid invoice Canada Customs can hold the item pending getting additional information. If you visit the United States for more than 24 hours... you have a $200 personal exemption on goods you bring back with you. After 48 hours, you have a $800 personal exemption.

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