If Harry Potter characters were real...?

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  • If Harry Potter characters were real...?


Answer #1 | 11/08 2009 14:34
If they were real then I would have signed up to the DA many years ago. Magic would make life so much easier... "accio..... textbook!" .... or "alohamora!" If magic was real then I would have died for the cause... to kill Voldemort xx
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Answer #2 | 11/08 2009 06:48
well, if i went to hogwarts than i'd probably be to nervous to talk to harry at first, because he was famous and all thatt. but then after awhile i'd realize that he was just a normal kid, i'd become like, casual friends w/ him ron and hermione. but i'd probably end up in hufflepuff or ravenclaw, so i would become besttt friends w/ luna or cho chang.
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Answer #3 | 11/08 2009 19:12
I'd probably be in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. If I was in the same year year as Harry I would probably join the DA. Magic would make my life easier in some ways but harder in others.
Answer #4 | 10/08 2009 22:58
Then I'd be forced to eat actual, live mice! -GASP- I am Hedwig, after all...
Answer #5 | 10/08 2009 17:19
I would be a Ravenclaw, setting Bellatrix and Severus on a blind date.
Answer #6 | 10/08 2009 16:28
i would be devastated right now because i would have been engaged to fred and then he died...
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Answer #7 | 10/08 2009 15:03
if Harry Potter characters were real then id be in Hufflepuff or Gryffindor and i would be dating Hermione Granger and id be best friends with Luna
Answer #8 | 11/08 2009 06:46
I'd be too busy to get on Y!A Plus I'd be dead,,,,,
Answer #9 | 10/08 2009 15:03
than we are unreal
Answer #10 | 11/08 2009 18:47
I'd be a Muggle. I'm sure of it. Or worse, a Squib.
Answer #11 | 11/08 2009 16:42
i would be a griffindor or a ravenclaw
Answer #12 | 12/08 2009 23:49
Well wouldd be gettin' 'Arry to be mine :]
Answer #13 | 11/08 2009 12:03
Hmmm....that'd mean that I'd have a chance of being a witch, if they were real, so I'd go to Hogwarts (only I'd be in my 3rd year) and probably be in Ravenclaw (I'm not courageous like a Gryffindor, but I can be evil like a Slytherin ^_^). And I wouldn't be a forty-year old bar maid. >_< Oh, and did we forget? MALFOY! DRACO! So as you can guess I wouldn't leave him alone...
Answer #14 | 11/08 2009 13:05
It would give me the life I dream of.

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