If God becomes a man, how can you kill the man without killing God?

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  • If God becomes a man, how can you kill the man without killing God?


Answer #1 | 14/01 2014 09:42
PAST TENSE...JESUS ALREADY DID THAT...HE DIED BUT ROSE AGAIN TO HEAVEN!!! a one time thing...this is not games..
Answer #2 | 14/01 2014 09:45
God can not die. Just because your finite intelligence can not grasp the hypostatic union of the Son of God with the Man Jesus does not mean it doesn't exist.
Answer #3 | 14/01 2014 09:42
There are people alive right now who have undergone more suffering than the Jesus character was ever supposed to have suffered, and they didn't have anyone telling them that they were going to ascend to heaven immediately afterwards or that they were suffering to help humanity. So really, what's the big deal?
Answer #4 | 14/01 2014 09:46
God is a spirit. Jesus on earth was a man. No problem. @ Anna -- good one!
Answer #5 | 14/01 2014 09:49
Did God die when Jesus died on the cross? The answer depends on how we understand the meaning of the word "die." To die does not mean an end of existence. Death is separation. Death is when the soul-spirit separates from the physical body. Jesus is truly God and truly man. His physical body did die because it was entirely human. Just as our physical bodies die, so did His. But in the same way that Jesus died physically, but remained alive spiritually, so our physical bodies will experience death, but our soul and spirit will remain because they are eternal. The same is true with regard to Jesus Christ. His physical body died, but His inner being is eternal and could not die. Not sure if this is what you're asking? God bless you Read more:
Answer #6 | 14/01 2014 09:55
Your question is interesting, I will add if God was dead who brought him back to life? The Bible says the son of God was born a man. He died as a human man. and Almighty God his father brought him back to life. What most religions teach is confusing and not in harmony with what the Bible teaches. Please read John 20:31
Answer #7 | 14/01 2014 09:52
First of all we are finite or human and limited. God on the other hand, is who created you. Take a look in the mirror. Or rather go into a book of Physiology, and read up on the circulatory system, on DNA, on birth and death. Then tell the Christians on this forum, what you came up with. Who created your mother or my mother for that matter and who created them. So the finite can never understand the Infinite, which is God, from a stand or from a vantage point of the finite. It is not logical and makes no sense. That is where faith comes in. But the body of proof is in the human body and the animal kingdom and the universe sustaining by an invisible hand. Then the answer to this question, does not require much debate and is actually elementary. Peace Out.

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