If Christians are under a New Covenant then why still follow Old Testament laws?

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  • If Christians are under a New Covenant then why still follow Old Testament laws?


Answer #1 | 08/02 2014 13:34
I am a Christian. I do not follow any of the Mosaic laws from the OT.
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Answer #2 | 08/02 2014 13:33
Because some pastors and many in congregations don't understand the difference or implications of the new covenant of Christ. Instead they accept that the whole Bible is inspired and try to reconcile the Epistle of James with everything. A real cancer on the church has been the Epistle of James. This can be further seen in Act 15 with what James said at the end of the Council at Jerusalem. And a lot of Christians who think that James was right still don't include what James said as being a part of the Ten Commandments. If they did, they would be paranoid about blood on meat served to them at restaurants. It would become an issue with them. That's only one of the outstanding problems I see with traditional Christianity. They don't adhere to what James implies as being a part of a Christian's effort. With them it's never really about the Ten Commandments only, it's always the Ten Commandments and whatever else they think is necessary. And that will change from place to place; from congregation to congregation. The Epistle of James is an infection on the church, and should have remained disputed as it was with the early Christian fathers.
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Answer #3 | 08/02 2014 13:25
under the new covenant means we are saved by grace through faith in the shed blood of the Son of God for the removal of sins. under the old covenant they were preserved by following the Laws concerning blood sacrifice
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Answer #4 | 08/02 2014 14:56
we only follow the old testament laws that still apply not every old testament law still applies
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Answer #5 | 08/02 2014 13:23
We are under both covenants, the old one has been fulfilled however God's law on sin is and always will be intact.
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Answer #6 | 08/02 2014 13:23
Because thats where things gets done.
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Answer #7 | 08/02 2014 13:26
Which laws are you referring to? Some old testament laws were reaffirmed in the new testament. Some were not. -
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Answer #8 | 08/02 2014 13:39
I think the whole "Do not lie, do not steal, do not kill, take a break once a week, and do not eat critters that were created for the sole purpose of eating garbage" was a good idea. Not wearing a garment that identified the Priest...well it is a good idea not to dress up in a uniform of any sort if you are not holding that office, and in some places you can get arrested for impersonating someone that you are not. If you study Scripture, you will find that even the stuff that does not apply to you today, was written for a purpose and a reason. Be grateful that you have indoor plumbing and are not under a command to take a shovel with you on the way outside of camp. And be grateful that some folks think that the do not kill, do not steal, sort of stuff is still a good idea. Jesus' command is to love. When you love, you automatically do not do stuff to hurt God or other people. When you do not do stuff that hurts God or other people, wow, you are automatically keeping the commandments.
Answer #9 | 08/02 2014 13:28
Since the creation story is allegory, it means that the original sin is allegory and there's no need for any atonement of sin. Therefore, there isn't a need for salvation, too.
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Answer #10 | 08/02 2014 13:27
We don't. Many of the OT laws though are repeated in the NT so we follow them because the NT tells us to.
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