If a contact of yours says "I live for your wit," does she mean...?

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  • If a contact of yours says "I live for your wit," does she mean...?


Answer #1 | 17/04 2008 07:53
I think it means that they think you're funny.
Answer #2 | 17/04 2008 08:17
My god man, keep telling jokes or she'll DIE!
Answer #3 | 17/04 2008 08:10
I could not finish reading that. Are you a secret agent man?
Answer #4 | 17/04 2008 08:00 it means your funny.. how could it possibly mean man bits? ha
Answer #5 | 17/04 2008 07:59
She's lucky. I'm sad to say that lately your wit has been absent when answering my questions. You only "bow in humility" to other answerers or say you have nothing to add at all. It makes me cry a lot... and if this is your way of playing hard to get it's not working.
Answer #6 | 17/04 2008 08:27
Well, I guess some people, myself included, are easily amused. Thank God for that or I wouldn't have any friends here at all!
Answer #7 | 17/04 2008 08:29
I like to slurp the swimmers just sayin
Answer #8 | 17/04 2008 14:12
I'm from the Southern Hemisphere, so am I included in your nether regions? Golly, I hope so.
Answer #9 | 17/04 2008 09:44
stop fantasizing! she loves for your mind!
Answer #10 | 17/04 2008 09:36
You first must ask yourself this honest question ... Which is Larger??
Answer #11 | 17/04 2008 08:53
I was just about to answer this when SRV's Texas Flood came on my XM. I'll come back later.
Answer #12 | 17/04 2008 08:55
It means you look kind of like a cross between Goofy and Donald Duck. Now I'm not saying that's what you look like, because I've never seen you. Instead, I'm just acting as a translator, and I could be wrong.

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