Ideas for renfaire themed party?

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  • Ideas for renfaire themed party?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 19:57
You have to have turkey legs. Yes I realize they're not historically accurate, but they're big and meaty and you eat them with your hands. Bread, cheese, fruit all works as being medieval, a lot of people get into the eating with their hands bit. You might also want to get the foam swords and have some dueling. Backgammon is a medieval game, so that and chess for people who just want to sit in a corner. Dancing, there is a pretty wide selection of folk music out there these days. You want to pick something that is partially modernized, the chieftains goes down better than harp music for four hours. Oh and toss in the Safety Dance at least once into the playlist, it always get some laughs and will make people dance who were refusing to dance. Sound track go with
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