Ich bin ein Berliner?

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  • Ich bin ein Berliner?


Answer #1 | 04/12 2009 09:04
Pretty close. He intended to say "I am a Berliner", but misspoke, and said "I am a cream-filled doughnut". Little snippet of funny history. - Stuart
Answer #2 | 04/12 2009 16:43
im a beer
Answer #3 | 06/12 2009 17:03
Generally, a German would say "Ich bin Berliner." No ein is needed. Where he was speaking, adding the ein implied that he was speaking not of a person from Berlin, but the pastry thing that they call a Berliner in that area.
Answer #4 | 07/12 2009 05:26
Cream filled donut :) My favorite

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