I would love win $15,000,000.00 dollars on 8/31/17 prize of a life

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  • I would love win $15,000,000.00 dollars on 8/31/17 prize of a life


john bernard | 17/08 2017 16:00
I ould love to win on 8/31sr/2017 please enter me
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Todd Law | 15/08 2017 03:13
I desire to win because I will eventually lose the ability to walk. I have pars defect, and spondylolistheisus/anterolisthiesus, the least I get to look forward to is a wheelchair.
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Sara tabor777 | 01/08 2017 16:50
I would love to win to buy a house for me and the love of my life and we can have a Lil one then cause we won't have any worries about how where going to eat and we will be able to pay the bill and we can get married then thank you for the chance to we I pry to god we do win god bless you
Positive: 66.666666666667 %
Barbara Mullis | 31/07 2017 03:31
I would really like to win this $15,000,000.00 dollars on 8-31 from PCH. It would be wonderful to have the prize of a lifetime. The people in Monroe would really envy me. It is worth play and win.
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Sara Lucas | 31/08 2017 17:51
Yes,Win $15,000,000.00 On 8/31/2017,Thenk You PCH.
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John Bell | 29/07 2017 20:32
YES, I would love to win$15,000,000.00 on 8/31/17 prize of a lifetime
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Marilyn Zamora | 21/08 2017 12:36
Yes I love to win it All from PCH the $15,000,000,00 prize of a Lifetime on 8/31/17 thank you so very much
Positive: 60 %
Sara Lucas | 21/08 2017 21:48
Positive: 57.142857142857 %
Anonymous593002 | 22/08 2017 07:36
My Dream has always been to be one of the Lucky winners of PCH... Faith is what keeps me going. We all PCH Fans have a Dream to One day be that Lucky PCH Winner. If I was to win, I would take care of My Family, myself and give for Donations. There is a lot of needy people who need our Help. Blessings to All and Good Luck... :)
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Victorino Hernandez | 21/08 2017 16:14
Yes Win $15,000,000.00 On 8/31
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Marilyn Zamora | 21/08 2017 12:50
Yes PCH I would love to win it all from you guys the$15,000, 000,00 Prize of a Lifetime on 8/31/17 Thank you
Positive: 50 %
jerry morgan | 24/08 2017 18:14
I would not believe it, and probably flip out.
Positive: 50 %

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