I went to a Chinese restaurant and I think I ate a dog?

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  • I went to a Chinese restaurant and I think I ate a dog?


Answer #1 | 15/10 2013 04:18
you're lucky if you don't ate a cat
Answer #2 | 15/10 2013 08:56
dog tacos are pretty good-- just saying
Answer #3 | 15/10 2013 05:39
Maybe it was rat. Rats can be trapped without attracting attention.
Answer #4 | 15/10 2013 05:35
Contact Your local Health Dept about any concerns You have.
Answer #5 | 15/10 2013 05:06
I doubt it was dog. My best bet is the chicken was old/bad or the restaurant isn't very clean. You can try to do some searching of this place and see if they have any violations. There is an asian buffet near me that always gets violations and has been shut down a few times the past few years.
Answer #6 | 15/10 2013 09:31
thats deep...
Answer #7 | 15/10 2013 09:44
If the dog was healthy and fully cooked you wouldn't have gotten sick from eating it. Much more likely you just ate undercooked chicken.
Answer #8 | 15/10 2013 11:57
If you really think you were fed something other than chicken, and you really did get food poisoning from this place, you need to contact your local health dept and let them know so they can do an inspection or at least keep an eye on the place. There was a local place in the town i live in, im not even kidding they got in trouble by the health dept years ago because they were being inspected and they found a freezer and fridge full of cat. Its something that they eat.
Answer #9 | 15/10 2013 11:22
I'm sure if you google health inspector in your state you'll find a government website where you can report complaints. I don't know about accusing them of selling you dog, but you could report perhaps food poisoning and concern about hygiene.
Answer #10 | 15/10 2013 10:51
The truth is, you have not idea what made you sick.
Answer #11 | 15/10 2013 10:39
Something you should know, food poisoning takes approx 24 hrs to show up, not only a couple of hours. You did not eat dog and you did not get food poisoning from the Chinese restaurant.

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