I was wondering what restaraunt....?

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  • I was wondering what restaraunt....?


Answer #1 | 25/07 2009 18:44
lol yea this is actually very amusing =D but um what does pmsl mean? [email protected] pmsl!!!! wow that made me lol =D
Answer #2 | 25/07 2009 18:48
aww haha, he would find this funny too, playing childish games haha! the MJ restaurant near me is the best! To answer your question <3
Answer #3 | 25/07 2009 18:48
Haha i know it is kind of sad we have to hide here, but i like i better than in the celeb section, all you get there is hate. And dirtay diana, pmsl = P*ssing myself laughing. :]
Answer #4 | 25/07 2009 18:46
lol. the story of my life. @Remember The Timeā™„ RIP MJ - this is the category we will be posting questions.
Answer #5 | 25/07 2009 18:45
loooolz!!!! does anyone else ever feel like they're a child again when they see MJ giggle and laugh?
Answer #6 | 25/07 2009 18:44
HAHAHA OMG imagine what MJ would say! *cough* *cough* I mean... yea.. that restaurant.. it serves KFC! hahaha
Answer #7 | 25/07 2009 18:45
so which Category are we in now??? Thx We are the world . =D
Answer #8 | 25/07 2009 18:52
I feel like a little kid playing hide an go seek. (: hehe, I agree. (:
Answer #9 | 25/07 2009 18:52
Yeah it's funny when you think about it. Michael would be laughing too! :-D
Answer #10 | 25/07 2009 19:22
lol i agree but in a way this is kinda weird...O_O but yeah whatever.... it's fun specialy when your bored..and now we can visit the celebrities section to delete all troll's question...and they won't know what hit them...there probably wondering where we all went!! LMAO...but we know where they are and we can dlete their questions
Answer #11 | 25/07 2009 21:20
Oh.. at first I thought you said pms... lol But ya... it is fun sneaking around in random sections... You have been out of school for a week?! When do you go back!
Answer #12 | 25/07 2009 19:01
The answer to your question is: Lol! They thought we were going to go away after the first couple weeks...silly people. We'll never go away!! Hahaha. And I agree with Desire - we're BAD!! <3
Answer #13 | 25/07 2009 18:56
It's spelled restaurant, you been out of school too long but I love you! Lol i'm only joking! (still love you btw) Top set?? Really? You are not convincing me you liar! Lmao, I am kidding! =) I have been out of school since May 30th! Jeepers!
Answer #14 | 25/07 2009 18:54
I know...but it's so fun though. ;) Because we're bad, we're bad Cha'mone!
Answer #15 | 25/07 2009 18:54

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