i was born on 13 Oct 1993.?

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  • i was born on 13 Oct 1993.?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 02:46
Is this because you don't think your Libra Sun describes you well? If so you should also put a place of birth; the nearest city will do. If you were born in England all the planets in your chart fall in the bottom half of your chart suggesting you're the type of person who always looks inward, perhaps a bit introverted. Your chart shows you to be the type of person caught up in details, probably a bit inhibited and self-critical. You're the type of person ready to put others first and always looking for something greater in life. You most likely can see other people's problems well and so are able to maybe help them or at least understand what they're going thru' at the time. Your Libra Sun is in harmony with Saturn and this can make you self-disciplined and conscientious with good self-control but probably capable of bickering about the smallest of details sometimes because, (once again) details matter (planets in the 3rd and 6th houses). As Jupiter is close by you can be maybe over-generous sometimes and capable of exaggeration but deep down you could be an inspired and optimistic type of person.
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