I want to go on a date?

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  • I want to go on a date?


Answer #1 | 30/09 2013 22:02
do online dating it might help I am not sure if you are into it but if you are you might find a great guy there
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Answer #2 | 30/09 2013 23:36
be patience. let right person come in to ur life.
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Answer #3 | 30/09 2013 21:04
Try going out on outings with friends. Even younger ones. Having fun somewhere could open you up to meeting new people. Dances, whatever is available on campus. Or, barring that, get to know someone online. or whatever. Just make sure you two meet in a VERY public place first, and exchange info and all that. Just in case.
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Answer #4 | 04/10 2013 09:26
It's funny how Cleveland always has the questions that belong in singles and dating. I can't believe you can't meet any guys on campus. Maybe you are too picky. Try anyplace students hang out to study.
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Answer #5 | 30/09 2013 21:50
If you can find an activity on-campus that you enjoy doing that could make for a good start. If you join a club or group it is much easier to find someone because everyone there already shares a mutual interest with you. Usually schools have an online listing of their student organizations, you should check them out and see if something peaks your interest. I don't know if I would spend to much time on the library, because then you have to break the ice with someone who probably just went to the library to read a book or possibly meet someone (this is just conjecture as I rarely go to the library). You could also try breaking the ice with strangers at a bar because that is considered socially acceptable and people expect that it could happen, and are therefor more receptive sometimes. Another approach would be to go to your campus, or a mall, or other public place, and walk up to random people (usually a group) and say "Hi! mind if I join your conversation?" It is kind of scary, but I have seen it work, and after awhile you don't care if they seem weirded out. It's certainly an adventurous way to meet someone, and a good way to develop social confidence. Most people will have more luck with the prior suggestion though I think.
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Answer #6 | 30/09 2013 20:45
be patience and wait fro the right guy. no matter how long will it take but you will find a guy who is the one for you in that library..
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Answer #7 | 01/10 2013 07:28
Hi Lindsey - I remember that I thought I would never find someone when I was your age! I want to ask you to consider this question: what's the purpose of dating? Is it just to ease the feelings of lonliness, or is it to find someone to get to know and marry? If dating with a purpose is what you want then I recommend the following website - I want to remind you that good choices usually require time and patience. Horrible decisions are usually quick ones that are a response to a temporary urge and produce what we older folks call "regrets." By the way, your married friends can actually be a great resource for finding worthy dates. If you want to be proactive in the process, I would also point out that most large churches have active singles groups. There are also online options available. Whatever process you choose to follow, remember that you are a valuable person who deserves to find someone who will treat you with love and respect. Don't settle for anything less!
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Answer #8 | 30/09 2013 23:34
Online dating is the best resource to get your partner
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Answer #9 | 30/09 2013 21:20
You said your in college??? You'll make some guy friends, trust me! If you start talkin to a guy, and you like their personality, try and make an effort to get to know them more.
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