I want to get into the Captain America comics?

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  • I want to get into the Captain America comics?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 01:17
First thing I'll say is I've heard great things about Ed Brubaker's run on Captain America (Captain America v5 1-50, picks up the original numbering with #600-619, gets relaunched as Captain America v6 1-19). It was during his run that the Winter Soldier returned. You won't ever really be lost as long as you start as the beginning of a volume or run as long as you have a little knowledge about the character (like you know he was in the war, you know he got frozen, you know he represents truth just and the american way, and you know that he has lead the Avengers). Like the latest volume (written by Rick Remender) started with Cap in an alternate Dimension away from everyone he knew and trying to raise a small boy on a planet ruled by a version of Armin Zola. After that it's Cap back in the main Marvel universe dealing with the fallout of what happened in Dimension Z. To read that you don't need to know squat about Cap before reading it. If you're really desperate to read about his origin and afraid you'll be lost reading newer stuff you could always check out his wikipedia page, his comicvine page and his marvel wikia page. Between those three things you should at least get the gist of everything that's ever happened to Captain America. If you want to read some wartime comics about Cap you'd have to hunt for some of the original Captain America stories from when Marvel was still Timely Comics.

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