I want to Claim my Search #1 To Win $10,000.00 Cash Prize! PCH Gwy.No.9215. Today 14 November 2017. RG

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  • I want to Claim my Search #1 To Win $10,000.00 Cash Prize! PCH Gwy.No.9215. Today 14 November 2017. RG


Anonymous270788 | 21/12 2017 19:28
I Rebecca Schillings claim my entry for 10000000 in turn back time at PCH
Positive: 52.380952380952 %
Connie Matheny | 14/11 2017 17:34
From my numerous searches I am claiming and accepting 8800 12/22/2017"Special Early Look" "Turn Back Time" the 2.600 million at once plus 5,000 a week for life.. with this I am claiming the two for tues(2x entries for search #1 and #2) for $10,000 cash todays last chance for 5x entries. also claiming 3x entries for 10,000 cash which will complete search for todays 5x entries this 11/14/2017. Thank You I amIn it TO win it. I want it/ I need and I deserve it.. I would love to see Dave at my door with Danielle and other PCH ELITE CREW Holding my BIG SUPERPRIZE CHECK in name of CONNIE MATHENY. " TURN BACK TIME" for family and me.
Positive: 53.012048192771 %
Michael Mesa | 14/11 2017 21:09
yes PCH i want to claim to win $10,000.00 cash prize on Nov 20
Positive: 56.578947368421 % | 12/12 2017 15:52
This financial winfall would help in aiding my grandchildren, Thanks for the opportunity
Positive: 52 %
Walter Bucia | 10/04 2018 16:45
PCHfrontpage I want to claim my 2X entries to win $10,000.00 Cash prize Yes I want to win Thanks.
Positive: 52.702702702703 %
Migdalia Vargas | 29/12 2017 02:10
I want to claim entries last day to entre prize from PCH hope to win thanks
Positive: 53.424657534247 %
james h kent | 11/04 2018 03:09
This is James Kent my son was in the phone trying to get her out of that scammer can you guys send me a text because I don't know where he blocked you or not
Positive: 55.882352941176 %
Janie Mills | 14/11 2017 19:52
I claim PCH GWY.NO.9215 $10.000.00 11/20/2017 #1
Positive: 50.684931506849 %
Anonymous270788 | 21/12 2017 19:31
Search #2 in urn back time prize for 100000000 at PCH on Dec 22 2017 thank u Rebecca Schillings
Positive: 52.857142857143 %
Anonymous125567 | 14/11 2017 18:30
I, What to Claim 5X Entries to Win $10,000.00 Cash prize from pch Gwy No.9215 on Nov,20.2017
Positive: 49.315068493151 %
Walter Bucia | 10/04 2018 16:47
PCHfrontpage please accept my 2X entry to win $10,000.00 Cash prize Thanks.
Positive: 52.941176470588 %
Connie Matheny | 14/11 2017 16:35
I am claiming Two for Tues the 2x entries for search #1 and #2 for $10,000.00 cash prize pch.gwy.# 9215 for the last day 5 searches
Positive: 47.887323943662 %
Anonymous434099 | 11/04 2018 04:27
i'am going to win the 10,000.00 ash prize on pch on nov20 no doubt about it so let it roll my way now!!!
Positive: 54.6875 %
Anonymous0108 | 04/05 2018 20:37
PCHFrontpage Search #1 I want to claim and activate my 5X entries to win $10,000.00 Cash Prize GWY#10803 on May 17th. Thank you
Positive: 60.344827586207 %
Anonymous0108 | 03/06 2018 16:35
PCHFrontpage Search #2 I want to claim and activate ma all 5X entries to win $1,000,000,00 GWY#18000 on 6/29/18 Thanks
Positive: 50.746268656716 %
Anonymous0108 | 10/05 2018 17:26
PCHSearch&win Please claim my entry to win #10,000.00 Cash Prize GWY$10803 Thanks
Positive: 48.4375 %
Anonymous0108 | 04/05 2018 21:29
PCHFrontpage Search #5 Please claim my 5X entries to win $10,000.00 Cash Prize GWY#10803 on May 17th. Thank you
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Robert. Henry Anonymous725129 | 25/09 2018 14:30
I would like to claim my chance to win 10,000.00 on gwy9215
Positive: 55.357142857143 %
Anonymous0108 | 16/05 2018 02:55
PCHFrontpage Search #3 Please claim and activate my VIP ELITE day of 1,000 winners to win $10,000.00 Cash Prize GWY#10804 Thanks
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Bruce Williamson | 01/05 2018 18:35
Yes I accept and claim PCH GWY No.9215 today from pchfrontpage.thank you Bruce Williamson
Positive: 46.774193548387 %
Anonymous0108 | 16/05 2018 02:40
PCHFrontpage Search#2 I want to claim my VIP ELITE day of !,000 winners to win $10,000.00 cash prize GWY#10804 Thanks
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Ruby Woo | 14/11 2018 05:44
I want to win $10,000.00 cash prize. It can help me with my dream.
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Anonymous0108 | 16/05 2018 03:07
PCHFRontpage Search#5 I want to claim and activate mi VIP ELITE day of 1,000 winners to win $10,000.00 cash Prize GWY#10804 Thanks
Positive: 49.056603773585 %
Anonymous802439 | 04/06 2019 05:55
I nikiB claim all
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Anonymous867637 | 25/06 2019 04:51
I Emanuel Wise is to claim the awards to win 10,000 cash gwy # 13295 guaranteed for award on Pay Day on 6/30/19.
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Anonymous867637 | 26/06 2019 02:09
Search now to have a chance to win 10,000 cash gwy # 13295 on Pay Day on 6/30/19.
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Rose Larkins | 17/06 2019 08:36
Positive: 56.666666666667 %
Kellie Pauley | 16/06 2019 01:22
I Want To CLAIM The PCH Sweepstakes On The 6/30/19 $25,000.00 A Month For Life.
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Anonymous867637 | 03/06 2019 22:20
I Emanuel Wise is to claim the win of 10,000 cash gwy # 13799 coming very soon.
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Rose Larkins | 17/06 2019 08:34
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Anonymous867637 | 03/06 2019 22:25
I Emanuel Wise is to claim the search#2 now for entry to win 10,000 cash money from gwy # 13799 coming very soon.
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Anonymous53877BANJ | 16/06 2019 02:49
YES, I WANT TO CLAIM MY SEARCH #1 TO "WIN $10,000.00 CASH PRIZE!"...GWY #9215. TODAY NOV. 14th,2017.
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Anonymous867637 | 02/06 2019 15:58
I Emanuel Wise want to enter and win 10,000 cash money gwy # 11936 the money I like to have according to God my father on 6/30/19.
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Anonymous867637 | 23/06 2019 14:59
I Emanuel Wise want to search#6 to enter to win 10,000 cash money gwy # 13295 coming in just days during the Pay Day event on 6/30/19
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Barbara Brown | 25/06 2019 06:00
I BBrown want to Claim My Prize Of $10,000 Cash Prize I Claim Sole Rightful Ownership Of My Unique FourthComing Prize And Vip Elite Rewards Exclusive $10,000 Payday On June 30th Special Early Look Event I Claim My Vip Rewards Barbara Brown Vip Elite Status
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Barbara Brown | 07/07 2019 05:30
I BBrown want to Claim My Prize Alert To Claim My Opportunity To Win $10,000 pch Gwy I Accept My FourthComing Unique Prize Number And Claim Sole Rightful Ownership Of $10,000 Cash Prize To Be Awardedo August 30th. Please Activate And Secure Full Eligibility To Win $10,000 Cash Prize From this Entry I Barbara Brown Claim, Accept My Priceless Opportunity To Win $10,000 I BBrown Accept Claim And Confirm All The Above ! Please Activate my Final Step !and Register my FourthComing Unique Prize Number To Be Activated Fully Eligible Valid Prize Number To Win $10,000 ThankYou BBrown!!!
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Anonymous867637 | 16/06 2019 15:48
I Emanuel Wise is to claim for entry guaranteed to win 10,000 cash money prize gwy # 13295 to go on vacation somewhere I never been before on 6/30/19.
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Anonymous867637 | 06/07 2019 19:47
I Emanuel Wise want to enter to win 10,000 cash money from gwy # 11936
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Anonymous171889 | 28/10 2020 03:39
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