I want start acting 16 years old?

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  • I want start acting 16 years old?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 12:47
i wanna go to hollywood i wanna go to usa but im living in algeria i wanna become an actor in usa i wanna become the next or bigger than tom cruise so what i have to do i love acting that's what all i need yes i have to do it i will do it nechalah
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Answer #2 | 19/12 2013 05:38
There's no magical amount of experience that will get you an agent. What matters is whether or not you're "marketable" and if the agent can think you can book professional jobs. Remember agents are paid a percentage of the actor's pay, so they only receive money if the actor books a professional job. They're looking for clients who can do that. It is EXTREMELY unlikely that an agent in LA is going to represent a minor living in Ohio. Understand that auditions are often done on short notice (especially commercials) - since you live in Ohio and couldn't make last minute auditions, you can't book jobs, so the agent wouldn't make money. An LA agent isn't going to carry you for 2 years until you're willing to move to LA. So you will probably have to stick with an agent in Ohio if you and your parents decide attempting a professional career at this point makes sense. The best way to get an agent is through networking. You'll want to keep in touch with the instructor you've worked with because maybe they can help you later with agents in NYC or LA. Locally - have your parents researched the local agents to see if it makes sense for you to try to get an agent at this point or if you want to keep trying to get what you can on your own. This is a business decision that should be made with an understanding of what is available in your area and what breakdowns and casting calls a local agent has access too. You'll also want to get to know the casting directors/companies in the area, since they're the ones that invite actors to audition. You seem to know the very basics of the business - but your questions indicate that you're not applying that knowledge to your personal career. Which makes sense because you're only 16 - and which is why your parents HAVE to be involved in running any career you attempt as a minor. As you probably know, you only need an agent if you're going to work professionally and professional acting is a business. You're not going to just be "discovered" and no one is going to give you a career. You (actually your parents since you're a minor) have to know how to effectively market yourself and your skills and understand the industry well enough to make smart business decisions. That's part of managing your career. There are legal restrictions and requirements for minors in the industry (depending on the work entertainment work permits and trust accounts may be required and there are restrictions on the hours you can work). So basically production companies hire "18 to play younger" - since adults don't have the restrictions and generally have more training, experience and maturity. They're not going to hire you to play older. So your best bet would be to work to market yourself as younger. And yes in larger markets - commercial and film (aka "theatrical") agents are different. There are agents that specialize in each. You can be represented by an agency "across the board" - or you can gave separate agents for each. In smaller markets (like Ohio) where there is less professional work overall, one agent will probably handle both commercial and theatrical work. Again - this is more of a business decision. When (and if) to join a union, what contracts to sign - again business decisions that you AND YOUR PARENTS have to research and learn about. Here's an overview with information about the SAG-AFTRA union: You do not have to belong to the union to submit for union jobs. And once you join the union you can't submit for non-union jobs. So it's doubtful that at this point you should be thinking about joining the union. A couple of other helpful websites with more information about the industry and attempting a professional career as a minor: Honestly - at this point the most practical thing for you would be to continue on getting good, quality acting training and auditioning for what you can in your area. Keep researching and learning the business end of things - work on making contacts so IF you decide to move to CA (or NYC) to work on a professional acting career you have some contacts in the industry that can help you. Good luck.
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