I want a gaming pc for £400 or $500?

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  • I want a gaming pc for £400 or $500?


Answer #1 | 05/01 2014 11:12
Dude that's not enough for a good pc. But parts from amazon and build 1.
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Answer #2 | 05/01 2014 12:47
My suggestion would be to consider building it yourself - you'll get far more for your money, but the exchange is the personal time it will take you. Lots of PC gamers love to build their own PC, and it easily leads in to overclocking in order get the most FPS from your favourite games. It's all a part of the fun. I will point out that there are downsides. You'll need to research the parts you want and where to buy them, you'll need to read about how to piece it all together (this really isn't scary; I built my first PC at around 10), and there is a danger that you'll break something (but remember, sometimes you do just get faulty parts). Also, you are responsible for the warranties on each part. So, it's not all plain sailing, but it is fun and you'll get far more "bang for your buck".
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