I wanna be a well known actor and be cast in an upcoming fantasy movie?

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  • I wanna be a well known actor and be cast in an upcoming fantasy movie?


Answer #1 | 05/01 2014 11:51
Zachary Gordon's parents were connected to the business and got him working as a child actor. Orlando Bloom trained at one of those drama schools you despise (Guildhall - one of the top three in the UK). So, based on YOUR given examples you either need to have parents connected with the business or train at drama school. That's how you get an agent and an agent gets you auditions. No bs.
Answer #2 | 05/01 2014 12:01
Did you know that Orlando Bloom was at one of the major drama schools when he got spotted? He had already been part of the National Youth Theatre before going to Guildhall. It was while he was there, he got auditioned for Legolas. Zachary Gordon was in the right place at the right time - they even filmed at his school - and he lives in Canada, not the UK. Most of those who get into films without formal training have either been at a children's drama school, have parents who are in the business or happen to live in an area where local people are scouted for a film being made in their town. Genuine film auditions can not be found on line. They are obtained through an agent - which you usually can't get without professional training. There are the occasional open castings like the recent Star Wars one, but I bet the person who wins the role has had some form of training. Read the link about one person's experience auditioning. Carry on dreaming, but unless you begin to learn the craft of acting, you won't get anywhere.
Answer #3 | 05/01 2014 13:14
The answer is drama school via a bursary.
Answer #4 | 05/01 2014 13:44
Stop thinking you're the exception to the rule. Do you think these actors with "no experience" just sat there on facebook until they got discovered? No! They got out there and started getting experience. An acting carer doesn't just fall into your lap!

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