I thought she really liked me?

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  • I thought she really liked me?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 10:42
hey man,i can relate to you in ways,i had the same problem with a girl,in first year we were like the best of friends and its kinda went from me thinking of asking her out to will we ever talk again,i was killing myself always thinking about it,but you get over it man,at a young age love can be your greatest weakness. i know i messed up,but really it isnt late for you,you just gotta be strong and man up for a little bit,walk on over to her,and explain yourself,make small talk and then tell her,be honest with your feelings towards her,i love how you say "to me that's fine, whatever makes her happy" man this is half the battle,you honestly care for this girl,but you will feel so much better once you clear things out between both of you,maybe it was really a once of thing and it isnt ment to be?,maybe one of you did something wrong? or maybe its a huge misunderstanding? the thing is man once you gain the confidence and push everything out of your way to go talk to her and get what you need to hear,it will be ok,maybe it will not turn out the way you want it to be but believe me its better than living in your own fantasy world of "what could have happend if i only did this and that". hiding away is the worst thing to do right now i promise :)

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