i recently had a job interview in mcdonalds PLEASE HELP!?

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  • i recently had a job interview in mcdonalds PLEASE HELP!?


Answer #1 | 06/07 2011 19:07
the amount of pay usually determines how long the interview will be. apply to as many jobs like this as you can and you will get one eventually. dont wait around for this one particular mcdonald's, unless you are really set on working there, then I would just walk in and ask to speak the person you interviewed with and tell them you would still like to be considered, people are always quitting, so you never know when a spot opens up
Answer #2 | 06/07 2011 20:58
you might want to call them and ask for an update, let them know that you're very interested in the job. sometimes that can sway the decision.
Answer #3 | 06/07 2011 21:46
Don't be too discouraged. My fiancée and I live in the States, and we had to move from the south to the north in a pinch. This meant, we needed to get jobs in a pinch. We applied everywhere we could and when we went to McDonald's, the GM sat with us (both of us together) for an immediate interview. It lasted about ten minutes while we filled out our application with her talking to us... We were hired immediately. Ours lasted ten minutes and we interviewed together. Don't be discouraged by the short interview. Also, it's just McDonald's... I would try to stay out of fast food if I were you. Even being only 16, I'm sure there is something better out there for you that does not involve fast food.
Answer #4 | 07/07 2011 06:22
Why would you want to work for THEM? Find something better - McDonalds serve rubbish and are treating you like rubblish. It will look rubbish on your CV later. There are better jobs/employers out there.
Answer #5 | 12/07 2011 14:42
you telling me that after a 10 min "interview" and you expecting more you really are considering working for this man?don't forget you are not working directly for MacDonald's you are working for an independent franchisee...personally i would say to you if you were not impressed by the interview..then forget working for this interview is for you to give a good impression..and they to explain fully what is expected of you,the hours,wages,duties,breaks,hygiene rules etc.if you didn't get all that then as the applicant i would kick it into touch and forget it..if this was how you were treated at the interview stage and you were not you really want to work there...? have you spoken to your parents?explain to them what you have written here and this answer i don't mind but my advice is forget it no matter how much you need /want a job!

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