I peed in my girlfriend!?!?

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  • I peed in my girlfriend!?!?


Answer #1 | 03/12 2011 08:49
Answer #2 | 03/12 2011 08:50
Use your magical powers.
Answer #3 | 03/12 2011 08:51
You're 11 and I refuse to answer your question.... btw nice way of spelling George, Flooded, Pee'd.
Answer #4 | 03/12 2011 08:53
Your girlfriend is the only one who knows the plumbers phone number? I think there is a bigger problem here than all of the pee everywhere. You need to search this whole house while you have the chance. She's cheatin' on you man. Why else would only SHE know the number? Is he really a plumber? Did you ever ask yourself why sometimes the plumber sleeps over? Or why sometimes the plumber makes you breakfast in the morning?
Answer #5 | 04/12 2011 10:05
Flooded? Now THAT is one big ole amount of pee!
Answer #6 | 03/12 2011 17:00
you should put your head inside the yoilet to see what's in it!! ... and don forget to wash your hands after it!

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