I need to Register to be in Compliance with Pch Rules what do I do BBrown?

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  • I need to Register to be in Compliance with Pch Rules what do I do BBrown?


Barbara Brown | 25/03 2019 10:40
I Barbara Brown Claim Sole Ownership, And Accept My Entry FourthComing Prize Numbers Secure And Activate Full Eligibility To Win PCH Gwy #13000 I BBrown would like to Submit, Deposit, Surender My Entry Prize To Be Locked Inside the Winning Number Generator in my Name only with all the other Eligible Numbers wae Claimed by their Owners I Claim all my Valid Fully Eligible Prize Numbers And access to all my Uniques Super Prize Numbers So no one can win from my Unique FourthComing Super Prize Numbers Please Activate And Secure Full Eligibility To Win PCH Gwy #13000! PCHSearch&Win I am asking Requesting to reserve a spot Onto the Official Winner Selectjion List For the Special Early Look Event On April 26teh! I BBrown want my Pńze Numbers to Win Yes Yes Yes I want to Win I need my Unique Prize Numbers Now To Win $7000 a week For Life I Can’t win without them I BBrown Claim, Accept, Need, want, can’t be Denied PCH I Barbara Brown Sole Owner Of said Super Prize Numbers I Claim Now I cannot win without my Prize Numbers PCHSearch&Win Please acknowledge my Acceptance And Claim Of all monies and Prizes that are part of this awardso I atleast have a chance to win PCH Gwy #13000 On April 26th this Priceless Incredible Lifetime Opportunity 4/26/19 with timely Response timely manner to win $7000 a week For Life ThankYou Barbara Brown Activate to win it all ....!!!!! PS. I still don’t know what I need to do to Register
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Anonymous102727 | 25/03 2019 13:49
I Amanda Kaufman claim SOLE ownership and accept my entry fourthcoming prize numbers secure and activate full eligibility to win pch gwy#13000 I Kaufman would like to submit ,deposit surrender my entry prize to be locked inside the winning number generator in my name only with all other eligible numbers are claimed by their owners I claim and all my valid fully eligible prize numbers and access to all my unique super prize super prize numbers so no one can win from my super unique prize numbers please secure full eligibility to win pch get #13000
Positive: 42.857142857143 %

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