i need some tuning tips for a porsche carrera?

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  • i need some tuning tips for a porsche carrera?


Answer #1 | 11/12 2013 23:50
If you want a twin turbo 996, then you sell this 99 and you go buy a 996TT. It's that simple. Start trying to mod this engine and you will simply blow it up.
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Answer #2 | 10/12 2013 21:22
For the twin turbo charge the total system should be changed and after the fixing first test the drive for the success otherwise contact with the dealer for the better suggestion. For the repairing any Porsche car better contact with the repair shop.
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Answer #3 | 11/12 2013 22:31
Porsche already increased the compression ratio as high as it could go, so that it already requires premium gasoline. The point of a turbo charger is to compress even more air and fuel. That would exceed the specs for premium and cause pre-ignition ping that would shatter the pistons. You can never add turbo charging to most modern engines, because they already have reached the limits of the compression ratio premium gasoline can handle. Engines built for turbo charges have different pistons, so that the compression ratio is reduces and is safe with a turbo charger. Think about what you are trying to do. The best engineers in the world already did everything they could think of to maximize power already. Why do you think you can do better than they did? This is not like a Corolla that cut corners on costs that you can leverage. This is already near perfection.
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Answer #4 | 10/12 2013 20:54
I don't think that engine even built to handle a twin turbo set up.
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