I need relationship advice!!?

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  • I need relationship advice!!?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 21:04
ask him out. the worst thing that will happen is that he'll say no
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Answer #2 | 28/12 2013 21:06
Well, generally, the guy is supposed to ask the girl out. You could potentially ask him out, but you would be putting yourself out there, and if he doesn't like you, it wouldn't be worth the risk. so I would say just tell him how you feel, but don't ask him out. That way, he won't feel as much pressure and is more likely to have a genuine response.
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Answer #3 | 28/12 2013 21:05
If your heart says that you love him most then don't think about any other thing.. Just GO and ASK him.. Then leave all decesions on him.. You have completed your duty of asking now it's his turn.. An don't be afraid.. If answer will YES means HE is haapy with you. And NO then HE is also happy without you... Shortly he will be happy with any answers.. GO all the best!! :)
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Answer #4 | 28/12 2013 21:11
DON'T BE AFRAID OF REJETION..! some time u will be rejected and some times you wont. how would you know if you don't ask. if he says no its find maybe its a bad time. but if you don't under stand why he said no ask. Maybe he has a girl friend. all im saying is youll neve no if u dnt ask..! if he dnt has a cell call im on his house phone if he dnt have that either, tell him meet you some place after school or ask him to walk you home or u walk him home or something like that #ASKHUNNI
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Answer #5 | 28/12 2013 21:07
I need. Learn English very good
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Answer #6 | 28/12 2013 21:05
well try talking to him tell him how you feel he might feel the same way you are. plus if you get rejected he is not the one, but my moneys on he feels the same.
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Answer #7 | 28/12 2013 21:04
I would ask him if he wanted to go see a movie or something and if he says yes then most likely he likes you, if he makes up an excuse most likely he isn't interested. Btw I think he likes you though.
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