I need help getting a lot of ps3 trophies about 1000 please help?

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  • I need help getting a lot of ps3 trophies about 1000 please help?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 19:56
Your best option is to hit's walkthroughs for each game you want to play, or the game's Wikia site (they all have them). I particularly like IGN's walkthrough's as they contain info and videos on finishing in-game achievements for trophies and such. All you need to do is do a Google Search with the game's name, and add "IGN Walkthrough" to it, and it'll take you there. They usually have both video and a narrative walkthrough so you can either just read through or actually see someone accomplishing the task. Remember also that trophies/achievements are easier to accomplish on the Easiest game mode, but some trophies are meant to be accomplished only on harder modes.
Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 10:25
There really is only one way to get a lot of trophies , play a lot of games . Find games that have easy trophies or lots of them and buy those games then spend the time to finish them . google the games name , ps3 and walkthrough to find guides a couple of easy trophy games are the walking dead season 1 , sound shapes with all dlc ( the dlc trophies are super easy and quick ) , guacamallee and fallout 3 goty edition has a lot of trophies and an easy platinum ( takes about 75 hours to get though ) , and if you get playstation plus or buy a lot of psn games on sale you can get a lot of games and get their trophies getting a psvita is another good way to get trophies , you will be able to play games anytime anywhere and a few games like sound shapes which I already listed are cross buy and cross save , buy it for ps3 get it free for vita and get 10 gold on ps3 , log in on vita and use the cloud save feature to continue unlocks the same trophies a second time , plat it and get two plats .

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