I need help from anyone who has experience with low thyroid/hashimotos. I am not okay.?

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  • I need help from anyone who has experience with low thyroid/hashimotos. I am not okay.?


Answer #1 | 15/04 2017 20:54
There is no way that is painless and/or instant. But let me explain how hanging works, if that has crossed your mind: My best friend decided life was not worth living. She overdosed (and was "saved"), she tried to shoot herself (and missed), she jumped off a bridge onto an Interstate (broke both legs, had serious internal injuries, recovered). I talked to her. Her other friends talk to her. Physician after Physician talked to her. She was in and out of therapy, on and off medications, in and out of the hospital. The recovery from jumping was long and arduous, and she went through difficult physical therapy. Based on her painful therapy, wanting to make a full recovery, I thought she would be "okay." Well, she wasn't. She called me to meet for lunch. We did. It was like any other lunch, except at the end she said something like she would always remember our friendship, would I? I went back to my office and called her boyfriend. He said he'd call her, stop after work. He did call her, she said nothing out of the ordinary, he did stop at her apartment after work. She had attempted to hang herself in her bedroom, tying the noose to the ceiling fan/light with the other end around her neck, and she stepped off the bed. How much physical pain was she in before she became unconscious? No one knows. I can only guess at the emotional and mental pain she suffered. Did she die? No. Did she suffer very significant and severe brain damage from lack of oxygen? Yes. She now lives in a Government-funded nursing home (not the best by far, but the only one that would take her in her condition). She is not on a respirator, but breathing is pretty much the only body function she can control. She knows no one, she responds to nothing, she's (and it hurts to say these very harsh words) a vegetable - and she always will be. She will live this life until she dies. I visit (I admit not as frequently as I used to), and I look at my once beautiful friend, now a shell of herself, and I miss her. I tell her about how things are going, tell her we all miss her, stroke her hand. I wonder if she's in pain, if she has any realization of the situation, if she hears me. I hope she hears me. Is she in pain? Was hanging herself painless? I have no idea if she's in pain, physical or emotional. I suspect she is. Was her hanging painless? I'll guess no.
Answer #2 | 15/04 2017 21:24
What if i jump off a tall building straight a dolphin
Answer #3 | 15/04 2017 21:04
carbon monoxide
Answer #4 | 15/04 2017 20:55
if you find out let me know
Answer #5 | 15/04 2017 21:49
Answer #6 | 15/04 2017 20:54
Don't think about killing yourself, please it's not worth it. Dont do this.

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