I need confidence in singing?

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  • I need confidence in singing?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 05:22
Hehehe... I'm like that first.. When i see people down the stage looking to me while performing, i tremble and forget the lyrics then my voice is trembling too.... But now i know exactly the technique... When you sing, walk,,feel the music and the stage.. Walk and move your hands...feel the song.. Don't look at faces of the audience.. But instead look at their hair... That's all i say ^_^ hope i helped
Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 05:25
I went through the same stuff hun. main thing i did was made sure i was alone and got a mirror and sang for about an hour on front of the mirror , seems odd , i know but its like that thing people do , every morbing they go on front of the mirror and tell themselvs theyre great , pretty, tall (depending on what you confidence is lacked in) it seems strange but it really workes! Speaking from experience of course now gradually over time your gonna hafto start letting others sing , your mom and friends wont laugh at you , you a really good singer right ? show them , you have nothing to be afraid of, trust me now do this , steal yo confidence , het up on that stage and blow that audience away hope this helped -Jason
Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 05:32
Probubly not what your gonna wanna HEAR...but Ive been in the intertainment business as a model..pageants...dancer ...and 2 tribute singing groups in las 20 years,,.,and sweetie. ..CONFIDENCE...self ESTEEM..isnt something that taught!!... to be an ENTERTAINER...singer...dancer...ANYTHING on stage...DEMANDS..confidence.... I know you stated you like acting in youve obviously been on a stage...yes...but everyone has different " things they are comfortable" in front of people...doing... So...guess what im saying is...ONLY YOU can determine your true...inner destiny with wanting to become a singer....but no KNOWN SINGER...(famous...etc)... is a "closet star"... lol...anotherwards....if you want something bad enough in life...fear of rejection...WONT GET YOU THETE.... GOOD LUCK...remember is about CHOICES...CHALLENGES...and CHANGES.... You have a life... To..CHALLENGE. your dreams... To make that always
Answer #4 | 23/12 2013 06:52
I am a professional singer. I sing in a band. understand you, because I had this feeling to. In fact, your the only problem is, that you think not about a song but on someone who is listening to you that moment or You are too worried whether public likes your singing or not. If you cant overcome fear, you could imagine that you are alone. You must be fully involved, concentrated on a song and mustn't think about anything else. You must put all your emotions, your feelings in it. It doesn't matter if you sing in a huge public or your mom. Remember that. Simply close your eyes and sing...

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