i need advice..homeless?

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  • i need advice..homeless?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 05:21
The good news about your situation is that you have so much money saved up. Be frugal buy only the necessities. Food for example. You have enough money to get a beater car, it's not the best but it's what you can afford. That will get you back and forth between jobs. You have enough money for a down payment and a months rent at least for a studio apartment. Something very tiny, it's probably not going to be pretty but it's better than sleeping on the street. I also think you should apologize to your boyfriends parents for hiding everything from them, they might be more willing to let you stay if they knew the whole situation as it is they probably felt betrayed. Hang in there, do you have a church you go to? A pastor you can reach out to? Many churches have food pantries for people that can't afford food. They might have congregation members that could take you in or help you find a job.
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