I'm looking for two games.. Can't remember names.?

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  • I'm looking for two games.. Can't remember names.?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 16:28
I'm not sure abouth first once but i may be abte to give more details on the second one. I think i know the game you're talking abouth but can't remmeber the name. I will describe what i remember and you say if its right. So the game start you running down on the horse in kinda big map. In whole game you're on horse but get to ride dragon later At firsty you need to hunts down bird or fairy like things with rope. than you do giant bird-like thing appers and need to drop rope on him than get to him and you ride him. it's not bird like excacly its more like fairy like or dragon like. Than you need to hunt down dragon while you ride that creature. The graphics were very good for game that old.
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