I'm going to my first rave alone?

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  • I'm going to my first rave alone?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 08:32
No idea what raves are like in America. But back when I was 16 in Australia (I'm almost 22) I went to raves A LOT :) I would NEVER go alone for a few reasons, it's not safe, not as fun (at first until you find randoms to make friends with) and I hate going to things alone anyways. I would suggest selling your ticket or trying to find someone you know who can come somehow. Raves can be great fun, best times of my life but I would never solo one (but I did do pills, I'm not sayin do them just that it's completely different from being sober) if you are doing to drink or whatever I would again strongly suggest NOT going alone! But if you do go alone, find some candy ravers who still know what PLUR means! And they will take you under their wing and defiantly give you some candy (bracelets) and be super friendly :)

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