I'm depressed tonight, having relationship problems?

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  • I'm depressed tonight, having relationship problems?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 21:28
You need to stop living in your fantasy and take a look at reality. First off you say your family is wealthy and you have money. That puts you far ahead of most people who are struggling day to day to support themselves and their families. You should feel happy to be blessed with abundance. A Playboy girl? really? first she is just messing with you, why would she want you unless it was for your money. She'll take it but you won't get what you want if you want something real. You have a girlfriend but this chasing a dream girl is most likely a big part of the problems between you two. Why don't you stop feeling so sorry for yourself and try to fix what is wrong in the relationship if you want to keep it. stop being so negative and realize how lucky you are. People that are not grateful for their blessings, loose them
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Answer #2 | 22/12 2013 22:17
First, forget the girl in Playboy, & face reality. You're having problems with your girlfriend & trying to win her back by getting her jealous. That's not going to do a thing. IF you want your girlfried, try instead try to "fix' things instead of plaing games with her. Why don't you instead go to counselling. It does work as I've sure done my fare share of it over the yrs. IF she refuses to go, why don't you go by yourself. The more you tell, the more you'll receive in return. Lay ALL your cards on the table & get the help from a Professional. He/she will be honet & maybe even go as far as to tell you it may not be "fixable" But, if that was me, that's what I'd do. She obviously doesn't want you for the sake you have money. Try to fix it the rite way with someone who is trained to help those how have couple issues in their lives. I'd do it ASAP & start working on it if you're serious about getting back together with her & making things rite...the best to you...:)
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