I'm constantly craving food?

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  • I'm constantly craving food?


Answer #1 | 01/06 2013 09:39
Hi sorry to hear that go to this website this will help you if it does not help see a doctor. This website helps you put on weight and lose weight fast and its free and no pills and stuff you have to do :)
Answer #2 | 01/06 2013 10:07
chug! chug! chug!chug!chug!chug!chug!chug!chugchug!...
Answer #3 | 01/06 2013 09:43
Binge eating is very unhealthy and probably IS the reason for your cravings. Try cutting down on the binge food AND making it not binge food. Spread out junk food through the week. You can still eat it, just not all at once. You'll feel much better and the craving will likely go away.
Answer #4 | 01/06 2013 11:25
Try to keep track of a food diary, which would allow you to see what types of foods take up most of what you eat. Go through your food cupboard and get rid of the junk food. Also, I've heard that some people tend to eat more if they're short on certain vitamins. Try taking a multi-vitamin and perhaps ask your doctor the next time you go in if you have any major deficiencies in any vitamins.
Answer #5 | 01/06 2013 12:46
take track of food intake
Answer #6 | 02/06 2013 22:26
You must work out well and have small diets at regular intervals, this will cool down your crave.
Answer #7 | 02/06 2013 19:22
as long as you dont get overweight it shouldnt be a problem, Peace Out homie

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