I'm constantly being rejected? What do I do to feel better?

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  • I'm constantly being rejected? What do I do to feel better?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 19:09
Well really i think that for now instead of focusing on finding love just find good friends, not people who are just willing to let you hangout with them, but good people who actually care about your feeling people who are a good example for you, people who are good friends who don't laugh when you hurt yourself and ask if you are ok, the friend who don't expect things from you or make you do things that you don't want to do or things that are not good for you. those types of friends, because right now it seems like your rushing into relationships because your lonely and it makes sense i get it, your lonely many people are but rushing into some guys arms for temporary fake love is not a good way to live your life. i think you just need to find good friends and just hold out until you find someone who you really do love, not think you love, but know you love, not someone who you make yourself believe you love, but someone you truely love and just know. I think a nice guy would be good for you, bad boys break hearts, nice guys are gentlemen, though probably don't have experience, though i think a fresh start is what you need also what makes me feel better is music, not the loud type of music, but the nice calming music and i just like to close my eyes and just listen here's a song that i like to listen to when i feel sad or alone. also you are a smart girl a 4.0 wow what i would give to have a grade like that. don't give yourself away to guys who have infinitly lower IQ's than you.
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