I'm bored now can someone entertain me?

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  • I'm bored now can someone entertain me?


Answer #1 | 23/07 2014 17:12
I would really appreciate a solid, thoughtful answer. But here it goes. So, I'm in love with my best friend. She's 4 years older and when we met a year ago, i asked her out but she said i am too young and we should just be friends. I did move on, but now that we hang out even more and are closer, I like her again. We have so much in common, and our friends think we're perfect together. Her family loves me, and encourage her to spend time with me. The thing is, just as i thought we were getting closer to a relationship, she goes on a date this past weekend with a guy 3 nights in a row. She did hesitate to tell me about it, but then she would randomly bring it up. It was like she was trying to make me jealous, or see my reaction. however, 1 of the nights she was out with him, she texted me asking me about my day and was trying to make convo. She never texts me like this, especially when she's out! She then later calls me later on at 1:30 am! I had no service and was away so i couldn't respond... on monday she calls me 3 times until i pick up and she seems nervous on the phone. she didn't even invite me to hang out, but i had to ask. She was waiting for me to ask her and instantly said yes. we met up, and she randomly brings up her date and how she went to a bar 3 nights in a row with this guy. she met his friends, and she said i would like his friends. she complimented me saying how i get along well with all sorts of people. i said goodnight and she ran over to me and made me come back and hug her. she said, "what you don't say goodbye anymore?" and gave me a long hug. She told me she wants to go on a trip with me and when i suggested someone else comes, she got mad. she only wants it to be us 2. it's weird b/c we're just friends, yet we spend too much time together alone. she got us a hotel this weekend for a mini trip, and she got only 1 king bed.. there's a pull out couch, but she demanded i stay in bed with her. yeah she could like me as a friend only, but lately it's like she wants more, until she goes on a date with this guy... however, she's hitting me up making convo with me, while with him & she NEVER does this. she never even texts me asking about my day until then. i could be biased, but this is how i see it. lastly,asdfsdfsdfasdfasfsseven texts me asking about my day until then. i could be biased, but this is how i see it.
Answer #2 | 23/07 2014 18:21
I think she is confused slightly. I think she wanted to see your reaction when she brought up her date with that guy. Honestly from what I can get from this, I think she wants you. Maybe she's wanting you to be more passionate in how you ask her out. You should just arrange a date and tell her that she's going, but don't be ultra forceful, just take charge and be cool. And to avoid possible rejection don't call it a date just make it like a funny thing you're doing. She was obviously thinking about you when with that guy, and I think she wanted you to know that by texting you. It looks like she properly wants you but maybe she's afraid of something? If she says yes to your "date" then don't be too forward unless she's making moves. Sit back and just analyze her behavior and try to take hints if she's dropping any. But really, I think she still wants you regardless of that guy she's probably just friends with. Hope I was of some help, good luck :)

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