I'm 14 years old and weigh 220 pounds. I have a BMI of 31.6. Please Help.?

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  • I'm 14 years old and weigh 220 pounds. I have a BMI of 31.6. Please Help.?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 18:43
Dude here is what you must understand: 1. YOU ARE FAT Sorry that's the truth. This should be motivation enough. Stop being lazy. Commit to something and make the girls fly to you. 2. IT WILL TAKE TIME. Don't look or expect for quick fixes. 3. DIET IS KEY Stay at a calorie deficit of 500-800 calories per day. If you don't know what that means, do some research. Eat mostly lean protein, complex carbs, nuts, no sugar, no fake or processed or fast food. 4. LEARN DISCIPLINE. The holidays will be key to how committed you are and how much you want this. When your grandma offers her delicious cookies to you, say "No thanks granny. I'm getting ripped." 5. GET INTO A CONSISTENT WORKOUT REGIMENT Here is my advice: google HIIT cardio. Also google search "weightlifting for fat people." Lift 3 days per week (not consecutively), heavy compound movements and NO MACHINES. My grandma uses machines because she has had hip surgery. Learn to play with the big boys. Tomorrow you will go to the gym, find the area where the big boys are and join in the fun. 6. Forget everything you hear. All it takes is an hour per day of exercise and eating the right stuff. I'm in front of the computer several hours per day, but that one hour in the gym is more than enough. And don't be the d bag all the big boys laugh at who does 10000 crunches and dances like a ballerina. Also, make this a several year project that will start RIGHT NOW. Sorry for sounding so blunt, but its the truth.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 18:46
Besides exersize you could cut your meals In hslf and eat that.even if you just start with a little less rice
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