I know nothing about Solar power.. but is this possible..?

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  • I know nothing about Solar power.. but is this possible..?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 08:43
No. Unless the sun is directly overhead 15 hours a day and it's never cloudy.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 05:37
If you have a good roof for solar panels then you are all set to rely on solar power to run your computer systems. I have a friend who was in a similar situation. He has a small business that he runs from home. While the business was pretty lucrative, a good chunk of his profits went to his electricity bills. My friend went off the grid and invested on a solar electric system. I am not sure how much his set up cost but as far as I know it may range from a few hundreds to a few thousand dollars. He said he recoup his investment in about a year and am sure it was worth it since he is still relying on it now. I guess the guys you consulted are just to pushy but am sure you can find companies selling solar panels and systems that will help you make an informed decision.
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Answer #3 | 26/12 2013 03:25
No is the quicky, however, your computer does NOT use that much electricity. It only uses power to any extent when it is working hard and even then is unlikely to use more than about 350w including the screen. Sure there may be small, say 2 second surges, but mostly it will be in the below 40w. Now as to the solar panels, we have solar panels and whilst the average to charge a battery will be enough the likely hood is that the battery will frequently go flat. We have solar panels and it goes into the "grid". We make about €800 a year which I guess equates to about 800Kw.. Therefore your best bet is to put in solar panels especially if you get state refund AND you have money to spare that you do not really need to live and just reduces in the bank. I worked ours out and we start making a profit from about the 5-7 year stage and we get a g/tee of 20 years on the panels and the acceptance of the power. If you have not these things then you will get a better return on solar water heating. Cancel the project UNTIL you really understand it IN WRITING stating that the salesperson did not explain it at all or correctly. Incidentally, a solar panel company is suing my daughter over a similar sort of thing, however, they neither knew that I was an electrical/electronic instructor, nor that I was a bailiff and debt collector. So they will lose both ways around after the court case. You need to look at what else is using electricity, and how you are using it. For example, I installed 2 air con units that work in reverse for heat, so for every Kw used I get 4 Kw heat on each unit. Top up the house heat using a couple of small Nightstorage radiators. These keep a small heat in the house at cheap rate electricity when the c/h is off, unless you are so rich you keep the c/h on all the time. I was an electrical engineer and also taught. I investigated in depth the costings of various heating forms so the panels make power when its needed and the heaters use it when there is a glut. Solar panel info:- better on south facing roof (northern hemisphere) at about 30 degree angle. no trees or buildings to shade. Use larger than you think cables. Pay back normally about 10 years make sure you get an INSURED g/tee for power production of a minimum amount for 20 years, preferably 25.

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