I keep hearing that the last name Evans has been traced back to a knight of the round table as a relation?

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  • I keep hearing that the last name Evans has been traced back to a knight of the round table as a relation?


Answer #1 | 16/12 2013 22:40
The Round Table, King Arthur and the knights are all a fiction. So a real flesh and blood relative cannot be traced back to them.
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Answer #2 | 16/12 2013 18:13
The tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is just that: a tale, same as Sinbad the Sailor. Since they were fictional, no one can be traced to them. On, some claim to trace their ancestry back to Abraham, to Adam, to Atlas and various other gods/goddesses, and so forth. Fictional is fictional, no matter how much truth is in it.
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Answer #3 | 18/12 2013 00:03
The story of the Knights of the Round Table was introduced to English literature by the Norman poet Wace born circa (1110-1174), the most important word to bear in mind is the word "story", it is fiction. Whilst family names no doubt go back that far, there is no evidence to suggest that any real knight could have a connection to something that is regarded as a myth, legend or other fictional story. The most that you could hope for is the romantic notion that someone named Evans might have been been part of this myth.
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Answer #4 | 17/12 2013 03:02
So what you are hearing is fiction............. knights of the round table...........fiction 11th century people didn't have surnames................. fiction Evans is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Evan." and comes fro the Cornish language if it was welsh it would be "Ifan" Family Crests......... fiction So instead of believing what you hear the ONLY way to find out your ancestry is to research it
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Answer #5 | 16/12 2013 18:50
well... info... if you are talking pages of "family crests"... the reality is that they are selling something and baiting you with a scam. EVERYONE wants prestige, even if they don't know it is fake. No such thing as a family crest. You will notice, ALL those pages have key chains and mugs for sale, right? Scam scam scam.

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