I keep feeling light headed and like fainting?

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  • I keep feeling light headed and like fainting?


Answer #1 | 31/12 2013 02:04
It is very clear that you are suffering from a drop in blood sugar, what is known as hypoglycemia. In the simplest terms, you aren't eating enough. Most people require 1500 - 2000 calories a day just to maintain their weight. What you are eating is closer to 500. Your body is fighting back. Boost your calorie intake and try working out a little, or some aerobic exercise like running. You're just like a car... without gas it can't go. Without gas (food), you can't go either.
Answer #2 | 31/12 2013 02:23
Lettuce and some fruit aren't enough to sustain energy for a day. That's why you're getting lightheaded. Also make sure you're getting enough water. It's extremely important that you lose weight healthily, even if it isn't the fastest approach. Drastic dieting like that often produces temporary results. Your metabolism drops with the calorie drop, so when you do start eating normally, you'll gain weight quicker. You should be eating at a minimum 1200 calories a day. And make sure you get more carbohydrates in there. People say carbs are fattening but that's completely false. They're only fattening when eaten in excess. Anything is fattening when eaten in excess. 97% of your energy comes from carbs. Fruit is high in sugar, which is good, but also add grains. Trust me, you'll feel a lot better and much more energized. The quickest way to lose weight is through exercise. I eat 3000+ calories a day during cross country season and still lose weight. Exercise! That way you can eat more and don't have to feel like you're depriving your body of yummy food :). Because food is good and 2 pieces of lettuce is hardly food.
Answer #3 | 31/12 2013 04:09
your have low blood pressure

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