I keep feeling depressed and anxious all the time I have been to the doctors but nothing has been done!?!?

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  • I keep feeling depressed and anxious all the time I have been to the doctors but nothing has been done!?!?


Answer #1 | 12/02 2014 10:16
You need to make a list of things that make you anxious, the symptoms of your depression and have your doctor read it. When I went to the doctor they gave me a list of questions to answer for my depression. If your Doctor isn't helping try to find one that treats adolescents/teenagers. Sometimes it just takes finding that right doctor who listens and understands. Remember he or she works for you so get a good answer/diagnosis for your health questions. Good Luck!
Answer #2 | 08/02 2014 12:57
you didn't tell us the reason of all of these ,if you know the reason ,may be it will be more easier to help yourself ,or to get more better help ,, but generally if you have some social activities ,or some group sports ,this can be of great help to make you out of this mood ,,or if you have more time ,you can look for some light studies as drawing , music ,dance ,, all these kinds can make you busy and in more contact with the people ,with more better hopes to have more friends which can help you to be out of your depressive thoughts ,,
Answer #3 | 08/02 2014 14:38
Make a longer post and people may help more. You can tell us if you have been to 1 doctor or many? Psychologist? Psychiatrist?whic one? Have yo attempted medicine or not? Did the medicine help? Did stop taking it? How may kinds did you try? Try to post the above info. Sometimes people go to the wrong kind of doctor. Sometime it is the right doc and the person is just having trouble finding the right medicine(if s/he is willing to take it or if it is offered). Some people may need to know that many people se a psychiatrist only for medicine every 3 months or so and go to see a counselor once a week (or every 2 wks) depending on the persons needs. And sometimes doctors, counselors, and patients just don't click. Then the person may need to switch counselors. All of the above are common. So repost what you need to know if that did not answer your question.

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