I haven't been out clubbing before, could someone tell me how it all works?

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  • I haven't been out clubbing before, could someone tell me how it all works?


Answer #1 | 15/06 2011 02:35
i've never been to one myself but i may know a little.... buy your drinks from the bartender and either have them on the bar stools or on the dance floor. not sure how tabs work, maybe someone there could help. And why cab or train...don't you have a car or something ...or if not cab most likely... Just relax...have fun...and get drunk out of your mind....(actually the last thing isn't such a good idea)
Answer #2 | 15/06 2011 02:35
1.have back up money 2.always be with at least one friend 3.look out for eath other as for drinks ,cash works well .forget tabs no what time the last train is but maybe catch the second last . stay out of fights take id and a phone lastly have fun and drink responsibly to easy if you have any trouble talk to security or bar staff(because they ARE responible for your saftey in the court of law)
Answer #3 | 15/06 2011 03:37
that is your self
Answer #4 | 17/06 2011 02:12
I understand how you can feel really nervous! It's whole different experience and a lot of people can get very drunk and rowdy! First things first, like the others have said, is organise your ride. Public transport can be pretty rowdy late at night, so you may like to take the train into town and catch a cab home. Talk to your friends and see if someone is happy to be designated driver, ie. only have soft drinks and drive everyone else. It's nice to take turns if you go out regularly! How to get in depends on the venues. All places will have security on the door who will check your ID - even if you look like you're 40 they will still check your ID in some places! Nightclubs typically have a cover charge that you pay on entry, usually $5-25 depending of the establishment, and they'll stamp your wrist to mark you've paid. Pubs don't usually have a door fee, unless they are playing live music or have some sort of local fundraiser. Some more exclusive places will have a guest list and if you're not on that list, you simply won't get in! That said, some nightclubs will allow groups to create their own guests lists and the people on that guest list will get discounted entry. To buy a drink, decide what you'd like and order it at the bar. Be prepared to yell if the place is noisy! More often than not, tabs aren't necessary. If you've planned a private event or hosting a party at a club then you might like to open a tab, but be warned - the expectation is that _you_ will pay for every thing that gets put on that tab! Not all places will do a tab, so it's best check before arriving. To open a tab, ask the bartender to open a tab and they will ask for your credit card as security. When you're ready to leave, ask the bartender to close the tab, check the receipt (ALWAYS check - mistakes do happen!) and pay, either with the card you lent them or another method. Some places also have a policy where they will charge the card if the tab reaches a certain amount - for example if the tab exceeds $500, the nightclub will process the $500 transaction and continue taking your orders, so you'll just have to pay the remainder when you leave. A really important part is looking out for yourself and your friends. As Earl said, never leave your drink unattended, sadly not everyone is out to look after you. If a stranger offers to buy you a drink, you can decline or accept, but if you accept follow them to the bar and watch your drink being poured, and take it from the counter yourself! It is sad, but in nightclubs you really can't trust strangers until they're not strangers anymore. Count your drinks! It's easy to drink a lot when you're having fun with friends, but don't drink more than you feel is good for you. Most of all, have fun!! The whole venue is there for you and your friends! Get on the dance floor and move about, it doesn't matter how! Also, keep in mind there are many different types of places you can try. If you get home this weekend and find going out is not your 'cup of tea', don't give up after one go. There's a nightclub for all music tastes, it's just the alternative music clubs are a little harder to find. Happy clubbing! (Oh and PS, it has always, always been a pet hate of DJs when patrons ask for requests! Respect the DJ and refrain!) :D
Answer #5 | 17/06 2011 16:16
Best advice I can give is buy your own drinks. A lot of drink spiking going on still.

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