I have two website with same content?

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  • I have two website with same content?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 10:34
It could dilute the search ranking of each site, having 1 site on page one is way better than 2 sites on page 2 of the search results. The effect is probably not that dramatic but it may be detrimental to the original site, it may be more so if Google can identify a common owner by a shared server IP address. One aid you might read up on is the Canonical tag, intended mainly for duplicates within a site, like a print formatted version of a page, you can show the search engines which copy is the master copy that should get search ranking, it can be used to point to another site as the source.
Answer #2 | 21/12 2013 01:00
Do one thing Change one website designing and change the content little bit. Use Canonical tag for main website.
Answer #3 | 21/12 2013 00:32
As we know that Google only likes quality and unique content in website, so you change your content.
Answer #4 | 20/12 2013 16:01
Do one Thing Change your Content little bit and resubmit on web master, it helps to to come on top 10 in search engine.
Answer #5 | 21/12 2013 01:38
Hi Marcus -If you want your both domains "" & "" running live then the best possible solution is to use canonical tag on your "" domain to show the Google search engine "" copy is the master copy that should get search ranking. Here is the code sample for Canonical Tag - And If you want to run only one domain then you should apply 301 redirection instead of canonical is because the 2nd domain will leave their rankings once you will add canonical tag so it’s better to redirect so that you can enjoy the link juice of 2nd domain if available. Thanks!
Answer #6 | 21/12 2013 04:20
Better to use the technique Cannonicalization
Answer #7 | 23/12 2013 19:21
dude your putting yourself into a big problem, when the next hummingbird or the panda update rolls out; i'm sure both of your websites are going to get penalized. Only solution to get rid of it, remove duplicate content from one of the site.
Answer #8 | 23/12 2013 03:28
once you write the content and posted in your website, then it's a genuine content. after registering a website and try to post the content in the other website . then it is called duplicate content. and your two websites are same. so for this issue, use the canonicalization and solve the issue. Again do the all backlinks process for new domain. don't transfer backlinks from one website to other website. hope you understand
Answer #9 | 21/12 2013 05:21
You can use a 301 redirect on your website and use the canonical tag on your website & fix your website url by this tag . I hope these two tag solve your problem.

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