I have tax questions. Halp me internet you are my only hope.?

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  • I have tax questions. Halp me internet you are my only hope.?


Answer #1 | 15/03 2017 07:11
The internet can help: - It sounds like you are older than 19 - It sounds like you are not a full time student - It sounds like you earned more than $4300 in the year Your mom can't legally claim you. - If you are under 24 and a full time student, she can. You cannot file a joint tax return with your girlfriend. She needs to legally be your wife. We do not know who can claim the child. Are you supporting the child 50% or is your mom?
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Answer #2 | 15/03 2017 06:30
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Answer #3 | 15/03 2017 18:37
Obie Wan does not give tax advice.
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Answer #4 | 15/03 2017 07:28
How much did you make for the year? How much did your mom make? Were you a full time student at all during the year, and if yes, from when to when? Did all of you live with your mom ALL of 2016, and if not, who lived there how long? Please post again with all that info - can't give you a good answer without it. Chances are you can't file as head of household but that wouldn't change anything very much anyway if at all. by the way, a fiancee is not a wife.
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Answer #5 | 15/03 2017 05:58
If you take tax advice *here*'re going to jail.
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Answer #6 | 15/03 2017 10:23
Your mother probably cannot claim you. To be a dependent you would have to either be under 19, a student, or have negligible income. As for your child, and your fiancee if she had no income: whoever provided half of their basic support can claim them. Make an estimate of what a fair amount of rent would be for you to pay to your mother (assuming she owns the home). If housing is worth more than all the things you pay for, then your mother can claim both of them.
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Answer #7 | 15/03 2017 05:56
There is a tax subcategory in Business and Finance go their ans ask.
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Answer #8 | 15/03 2017 17:15
ok, you live with your mother, you, your child and significant other, you don't pay rent so you are not providing a household for anyone, you may have a mediocre job that pays for some of your stuff but your mother is providing the household she is paying the maintenance of the household, if you are 19 she cannot claim you, you would file a single since your child and 'so' are also residing in her household she also claims them if your 'so' does not work and is not claimed on her parent's return you are not head of household, as single your non taxable income is $10350
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